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Sewer Line Repair, Replacement, & Cleaning Services

When it comes to your main sewer line, there could be many issues that arise. 24H Plumbing Pros does more than unclogging your drains, though we can do that, as well. We provide our customers with a full range of services. These include cleaning, installation, and sewer line repair. Our goal is to do the work quickly to avoid as much damage as possible. With a national reach, all of our plumbers are trained to handle these sewer and plumbing problems:

  • Sewer blockages – foreign objects and grease buildup can reduce or stop the water flow.
  • Broken pipes – if the pipe is punctured, cracked, or collapsed by frozen ground, soil, or settling, we can repair them. Installation of new pipes may also be necessary.
  • Corrosion – pipes can get broken or deteriorate, which causes a blockage in the line.
  • Leaking joints – sometimes, the seal between the pipes can decay or break, which allows water to get into the ground and around the pipes.

If your toilet isn’t functioning properly, it might be a component, but it could also be a clog somewhere in the drain. Let us help you take care of the problem quickly. We’re available 24/7 for your convenience.

Leaking Sewer Line

A sewer leak on the drain or main sewer line is often hard to detect, but it can be very damaging to your property. Standing water from a leaking line can go undiagnosed for a long time, but it is a significant health hazard.

Our plumbers have a tested method called a dye test. This helps us pinpoint the source of the leaking water. Often, people have the water service lines and pipes replaced, but find out later that these were not the source. You may not realize it, but wastewater doesn’t always have to be discolored or dirty. Many times, it’s mistaken for a regular water line leak.

Need help with your sewer line issues? Contact our sewer line repair experts today to schedule an appointment: (866) 300-5058.

When the leak is inside the house, it can damage the carpentry, flooring, and cabinets. Of course, you also run the risk of developing mold and have severe structural damage if it isn’t taken care of promptly. It’s a good idea to request an inspection of your home if you fear that you may have a break in the sewer lines.

Let our technicians and plumbers solve all of your plumbing issues. We can identify the source of the leak, recommend the right course of action, and even offer inspection of the home for water damage and other places that might be leaking.

Contact our sewer line plumbers today to schedule an appointment.

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Clogged Sewer Line

Many people don’t realize that their sewer line is clogged and think that it is a clog in the toilet. While sewage can come up through the toilet, there could be other issues, as well. You want to make sure that the drain is free of foreign objects that can cause more problems. Therefore, when you call on us, we are going to check all aspects of your plumbing. We can find the issue and make sure that it is repaired correctly. You aren’t going to have to worry about wastewater coming into your home through the toilets and drains.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

Whenever you have a problem with the sewer, you want the repair process to be quick and easy. This minimizes the disruption to your company or home. Also, you don’t want to have to dig up the parking lot, landscaping, or patio to get to the root of the problem.

24H Plumbing Pros offers trenchless repair options. This means that we can get to the problem without having to dig up the yard or other areas of the property. Still, your sewer system is going to be fully operational again and fast.

We don’t have to make large trenches in your yard to access the underground sewer system. Our technicians can drill a few holes here and there to find the problem and address it fast. Call us today if you want to know more about trenchless repairs for the sewer line. We can help you determine if it is the right course of action for your needs.

Of course, we service many areas throughout the nation. These can include:

  • Mustang
  • Rosenberg
  • Pueblo
  • Kennewick
  • Kingswood
  • Conroe
  • Burbank, CA
  • And More

When the plumbing fixtures stop working, you have a leak, or the toilets are clogged, you need the professionals at 24H Plumbing Pros. We have the experience you need, so call us today!

Commonly Asked Sewer Line Questions
You have Questions, We Have The Answers

What kind of pipe is used for sewer lines?
Polyvinyl chloride pipes are used for sewage lines.

What do you do if your sewer line is clogged?
It’s often best to call a professional to come and unclog the sewer line for you.

How often should I have my sewer line cleaned?
Consider cleaning your sewer lines every 18 to 22 months.

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