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Garbage Disposal Repair, Installation & Replacement Service

Garbage disposal is a popular household appliance, and it is quite convenient when it works. However, when it gets clogged, jammed, or you notice a leak, the garburator can be a huge plumbing problem for your kitchen sink. In this case, you need the professionals at 24H Plumbing Pros for garbage disposal repair. We are available 24/7 to provide you with services relating to the garburator. These can include installation, repairs, and clearing up clogged appliances. Of course, we offer commercial services, too.

If you own a garbage disposal, it is imperative that the unit and plumbing are working correctly. This is going to prevent kitchen sink clogs and backups. The disposal system can get damaged if you put non-food waste down them, such as straws, paper, and more. Of course, these appliances can develop a clog with food items, such as grease, bones, fat, and more.

The Experts at 24H Plumbing Pros are ready to assist with your Garbage Disposal Repair, Installation, and Replacement. We are waiting for your call at (866) 300-5058.

It’s a good idea to learn what you shouldn’t put down the garbage disposal to help you prevent issues later. Still, if you currently have a clog, you need quick and effective garbage disposal repair. We can help you and reduce your risk of getting a clog further along the drain lines. This, of course, can lead to even more severe backups and clogs.

Our team can repair almost any size and brand name of garbage disposal, which can extend the life of this helpful kitchen sink tool.

Common repairs can include:

  • Jams – Hard-to-grind items and too much food could stop the motion of the blades.
  • A Leak – A worn-out seal could allow odors and waste to escape, which can cause wet working areas and health concerns.
  • Doesn’t Drain – The unit might not chop the food waste properly, or there could be a clog.
  • Nothing Happens – When this occurs, the unit could need to be reset, or the connection should be checked.
  • Humming – The impellor or motor could be going out.

Call us today if you are having an issue with your garbage disposal. Someone can come to your home with a wrench and other tools to fix the problem quickly.

Garbage Disposal Installation

You may be reading this and think that you still wish you had one, even though you know it can get clogged and need repairs. If you don’t already have a garbage disposal, we can help you install one in your kitchen sink. We can also put in a new one if yours is older or doesn’t work correctly.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Of course, you probably realize that garbage disposal requires routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Often, you can run ‘cleaning tools’ down it to help it smell fresh all the time. Run it with ice to keep it clean, use de-greaser, and keep the drain clear.

Still, you need a professional to check for signs of wear and tear and other issues. We may have to use a wrench to check inside the unit. That way, you know of any potential problems and can continue using your garbage disposal for many years to come.

Kitchen Garbage Disposal Repair

In most households, the kitchen sink is where the garbage disposal unit is located. It’s often the area where you need it most. When you require garbage disposal repair, you need the help of a professional. 24H Plumbing Pros is here to help. We can come to your home and assess the situation. Then, we offer the solution that best fits your needs and budget. Call on us when you’re having trouble with your garburator.

Commercial Garbage Disposal Repair

We also realize that commercial properties are sure to have garbage disposals. Restaurants and commercial properties have kitchens, and a garburator is the best way to get rid of food waste.

There are a variety of styles and horsepower options, and we can work on all of them.

Plus, we are a national company with locations throughout the US. These include:

  • Roswell
  • Stamford
  • Stuart
  • Edmonds
  • Kingwood
  • Homestead
  • And More

If your commercial property is equipped with one or more garbage disposals, you are sure to need routine maintenance and garbage disposal repair. It’s important to call on a professional. 24H Plumbing Pros is here to help. Call us today to schedule an appointment when it is most convenient for you.

Commonly Asked Garbage Disposal Questions​
You have Questions, We Have The Answers

How much does it cost to repair a garbage disposal?
Repair costs can vary based on the issue and other factors. Please call us to get a quote today.

Why has my garbage disposal stopped working?
There are many reasons for your garbage disposal to stop running. Feel free to call us now and request a quote for repair.

How long can you run a garbage disposal?
Often, you only need to run it for about 30 seconds. Then, let some water run to clear the drain.

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