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Leaking Garbage Disposal: Causes and How to Fix It

leaking garbage disposal

If you are experiencing a water problem around your kitchen sink, the sink may not be the place that the water is coming from. It could be the garbage disposal just making it look like the leak is coming from the kitchen sink or dishwasher connection.

Having a leaking garbage disposal sitting in your sink is a problem. In addition to being incredibly inconvenient, your garbage disposals leaking can also cause many other problems.

Garbage disposal leaks can cause water damage and other additional problems.

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A garbage disposal can leak from more than one place. The area from where the leak originates could be from the bottom of the disposer, the side of the disposer, or the top of the disposer.

What Causes a Garbage Disposal to Leak from the Bottom?

If your problem is that your garbage disposal is leaking from the bottom, it could be that a seal has broken inside of the disposal unit. The internal seals of a disposal unit can wear out after a while and cause leaks at the bottom.

If your garbage disposal leaking from the bottom due to a worn-out internal seal is the root of the issue, this is probably a sign that you need a new garbage disposal unit.

Getting a new garbage disposal unit can actually be the less expensive alternative to taking the unit apart and trying to fix the broken part.

What Causes a Garbage Disposal to Be Leaking from the Top?

Causes of Garbage Disposal Leaking from the topIf the problem is that your garbage disposal is leaking from somewhere near the top, it probably means that a sink flange or plumber s putty holding the connection in place has corroded and needs to be re-sealed.

The majority of garbage disposals are sealed with something called plumber s putty.

In order to recreate seals on the sink flange, you will first need to detach the garbage disposal unit and clean off the old problem putty that is causing the leak from the top.

After that, you out on the new putty and re-attach the garbage disposal.

Some types of garbage disposals use a sink flange that needs to be tightened and then compressed with screws instead of putty.

If your sink flange is the source of your garbage disposal issues, you need a new flange to fix the leak from the top.

Plumbing repairs like this can be costly and are not the easiest if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

Even for something as simple as a new flange, gasket, or clamp, it is almost always easier to let a professional handle the job.

A professional plumber can replace your sink flange or fix the corrosion in the seal; all you have to do is call.

What Causes a Garbage Disposal to Be Leaking from the Side?

If the garbage disposal leaking is coming from the side of the unit, the leak may have been caused by an issue with the drain lines.

It is fairly common for a garbage disposal to spring a leak from the area where the drain lines connect.

On the side of the disposal unit are two connections for drains. The smaller of the two is the dishwasher connection.

The dishwasher hose is how the dishwasher is drained into the disposal. The larger connection is where the disposal drains to your sewer.

If a drain hose or drain pipe is the cause of your leak, it means that the connections need to be tightened or re-sealed.

Your disposal and your dishwasher are connected with a metal clamp. You can use a screwdriver to tighten the mounting bolts to see if this stops the leaking.

The main drain line that connects to the sewer line is connected to the unit with a rubber gasket and screws.

You may also need to tighten the screws or replace the gasket as a gasket can wear down over time so that the water runs through the main drain line rather than outside of it.

If you do not feel comfortable replacing the gasket, the screws, or any other component of your garbage disposal, a professional can do this for you easily.

Can You Run the Dishwasher If the Garbage Disposal Is Leaking?

Yes, you can run your dishwasher even if the disposal is broken. Disposals and dishwashers are separate units, and one being out of commission does not affect the other.

Conversely, you can also use the disposal if your dishwasher is not working.

Can I Fix My Own Leaking Garbage Disposal?

If money matters, then you can certainly attempt to fix your garbage disposal leaking on your own. Especially if it is as simple as just replacing a gasket or a flange to re-attach a dishwasher hose. Fixing a part for a drain like a flange is a simple fix.

However, trying to do something like detach the drain or fixing leaks in a garbage disposal for a more complicated reason can get dicey.

If you have a garbage disposal that leaks and need a new one, it is always easier to call someone to do it for you.

How Can I Be Sure the Leak Is Fixed?

In order to perform a check if you have chosen to stop the garbage disposal leaking on your own, it makes sense that you would want to find a way to check your work and make sure you did it correctly.

First, wipe everything down until it is dry. Then, unplug the sink drain if it is plugged. In the cabinet that houses the disposal, lay down some rags or towels you don't mind having to wash later. After this, take some cold water and food coloring to dye it.

Pour the colored water into the freshly dried drain in the sink. Once it runs through, check thoroughly to see if any of your colored water has ended up on the towels or other surfaces around the disposal unit. If you do, then the leak has not been fixed.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Garbage Disposal That Is Leaking?

The amount to fix a garbage disposal depends entirely on what kind of damage there is to the garbage disposal in the first place.

What you don't pay in labor, if you choose to fix it yourself, you pay for in parts and tools if you don't already have the proper tools and parts on hand to repair your garbage disposal.

You end up paying more if you decide to replace the entire unit and more than that if you decide to let a professional handle the job.

If you feel capable of fixing things on your own, you aren't going to charge yourself as much as a professional would.

How Do I Fix a Garbage Disposal Leak?

It depends on the extent of the damage. Some garbage disposal leaks are easy enough to fix on your own, but some might require a professional plumber.

If a leak from garbage disposal is giving you grief, use the guide above regarding the location of the issue to figure out if you feel up to repairing it on your own.

You can fix it on your own if your garbage disposal if you feel comfortable diagnosing the trouble on your own and then performing the necessary steps to replace either part of the disposal or the whole thing.

You should call a plumber if your garbage disposal is still leaking after you have tried everything to fix it on your own.

What Do I Do If I Can't Fix It?

If your garbage disposal is leaking and you can't fix it on your own, it's probably time to hire a professional plumber.

At 24H Plumbing Pros, we can hit the reset button on all of the problems you are having with your garbage disposal leaking.

We can do all the assembly of your new unit, fix a drain pipe, and do everything in our power to prevent future garbage disposal leaking.

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